216-digit Lime, Ginger and Spring Onion Tofu

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makes dinner for 1. Scaling determined by rice.

Pi (the film)

Finely chop up the ginger & garlic and lay them in a bowl. Chop the tofu into trianglar sections and lay them in the bowl. Add the smashed lemongrass. Drench in lime, and splash soy all over it. Go and ring your parents. After you get off the phone, mix the cinnamon & flour and roll the marinaded tofu in it. Begin heating some oil in a wok. Chop up the bottom parts of the spring onions really thinly. Tear the pepper and the tops of the spring onions apart with your hands. Frythe tofu on both sides, and then chuck in the veg. Take the lemongrass out of the marinade and chuck it in the pan as well. Serve with rice while it's still a bot crunchy.

verdict * * *
Lime & ginger are a great combination - I've used it as the base of a soy marinade frequently. It works especially well with tofu. The 'innovation' here was to chuck in a truly excessive amount of spring onions, and some lemongrass. It more or less works, especially the wee bit of garlic. It could do with being hotter though - I'd use a chilli next time.

There is still no decision about which microformat to use for recipies, otherwise this entry would be using them.

22:26 24 Aug 2007 /food/ 216tofu

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