Seize Steve's Stuff!


and ironically I now have 0 kettles

Owing to a sudden move to a smaller place on a different island, I have to offload most of the stuff that I've been hoarding, much of it for far too long. I'd prefer to throw away as little as possible, so I encourage you all to turn up and plunder heartily. The feeding frenzy kicks off 1pm on Wednesday 29 August and continues till 9. Hope to see you all on Wednesday!

Computers, Telecoms

The last of the DEC VAXen, very old, very rare. Comes with SCSI hard drive expansion unit and VT320 terminal. TAKEN SUBJECT TO COLLECTION
Dell Optiplex (PI)
Ran as my firewall for quite some time - currently with OpenBSD installed, obsolete but functional. No USB ports, but video, audio, parallel, three ethernet interfaces, CDrom.
Hewlett Packard SFF box - also pretty old but functional. Has USB ports, video, audio, parallel, 32xCD, ethernet.
Pentium 200
Two of - one Digital and one no-name.
Compaq Deskpro (PII)
Two of these, one with internal cd drive & with external (bright purple 'zip') cd drive. Ethernet, parallel, audio, video, usb etc. Runs ubuntu, fedora or similar linux pretty well - decent internet clients or test machines.
Cisco 2503
Two of these, not tested, ISDN/ethernet/serial connections.
Cisco 4000M
Also not tested, modular midrange cisco router, four high density, high speed serial connections, two ethernet ports. This is the model with double memory. Some cables included.
Various E1 Telcoms equipment
I really have little idea what these boxes are except they seem to be NTUs and G.703 stuff from the end of a leased line somewhere. There are two largish black boxes with many blinkenlights which seem to be hardware PABXs or something. Plenty of cables as well.
Sun SparcStation 5
Appears to be working fine - probably has a static IP because it doesn't respond to DHCP. Lots of memory on-board.
9u 19" comms rack with 16-port hub
Kind of self explanatory.
7u comms rack
Smaller version of the above. Comes with nuts & so on.
CRT Monitors
Two 14", a 15" and a 22" monster Hitachi! Also an untested Mac monitor.
SCSI playset
Big external SCSI disk tower (includes 5 drives), two external DDR SCSI tape drives, big box of 4mm DDR tapes, cables, etc. Would go great with the VAX.
I ran Debian and Agnula on this - it's a great wee box. Has a DVD drive, all the usual bits, a 100M zip drive (!) and a PCI wireless card.
Homebrew AMD Duron
Was my main machine for may years - still in excellent condition & I'll be sorry to see it go.
Scanners & Printers
A few of these, various makes and models, USB parallel and SCSI. I don't use scanners or printers at all, so I'm a little mystified as to how I ended up with them.
Big box of assorted computery junk, CDRoms, tiny hard drives , floppy drives, modems etc.
Mice, Keyboards
Plenty of both.
Printer cables, lots of kettle leads, through-IEC leads, CAT5, coax etc.
Phone test kit
Including line simulator, test handset etc.
Weird stuff.
Some of the stuff I have is incomprehensibly weird. If you think you can figure out how to use it please take it - consider it a challenge!
    Two phones
    One POTS, ordinary no-frills telephone (a rarity in this overcomplicated world). The other has an answering machine. Can bung in microsplitters if you need them for ADSL.
    Toshiba 486 laptop
    I used it as a serial terminal.
    P I laptop (no screen)
    This could be turned into a home automation system and/or a firewall/router.

    Kitchen & Household

    700W Microwave
    at food cooked with the power of magnetrons.
    How on earth did I end up with is it possible that I still have three kettles?
    Hi Fi
    One mini Hi-Fi thing, One spare pair of speakers, Another (very cheap) hi-fi thing.
    Comfy Chair
    It really is quite comfy.
    49-key Evolution MIDI controller keyboard
    May or may not be in 100% functional condition
    Shiny Lamp
    Screw-type bulb, shiny blue spirally lamp; wish this was easier to transport so I could keep it.
    desk fan
    About 12" - two speed.
    Candle lamp type thing
    You can put a tealight in it and it looks cool.
    2 x 3 foot, cork board with pins
    Electrical Heater
    Very compact electrical heater thingy.
    Extension Sockets
    Various 3-pin plug extender things.
    angle bracket shelf-makers
    L-shaped brackets used to hold up shelves. Big sturdy metal things...


    Electronic Components
    Plenty of electronic components - resistors, caps, pots, leds, etc. Includes a part organiser.
    Two bike helmets and a hard-hat (includes ear protectors).
    12V large batteries, 12V power supply
    Suitable for home alarms, automation, bench PSU etc.
    Camping Stuff
    Two tents (both 1-4 people, good condition), a sleeping bag and a roll mat
    I don't know where it came from. As new.
    Footswitch, microphone, headphones
    All 'sold as seen' - I have no way to test them at the minute :(
    Timer Plug
    Simple electrical timer that shuts off a plug during certain times.
    Mintola Mini 35 slide projector
    This was always far to arty for the likes of me. Think it needs a new bulb.